Terms and Conditions


Account Charges:
All account charges incurred shall be invoiced after each booking or on the last working day of each month. Payment terms shall be 28 days from the date of invoice, late payments will incur an interest charge of the invoice total.
Additional Charges:
All parking charges, bridge tolls & ferries will be added to the clients invoice when incurred. Any chauffeurs requiring overnight accommodation, a charge of £85.00 will be included on the clients invoice. Any damage, staining or clients vomiting in our vehicles will incur a charge for the cost of cleaning / repairing the vehicle.
Cancellation Charges:
The cancellation of a booking less than 24 hours of the original timed booking will incur the full cost of the hire to be charged. Cancellation between 2 & 14 days, a 50 % of the total cost of the hire will be charged. The cancellation of a chauffeur lease contract will be negotiated upon the length of the contracted period.
Disorderly Behavior:
Elite Chauffeur Services reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone that it deems to be a nuisance or danger to passengers or employees.
Hire Periods:
All hire periods will start when the chauffeur or vehicle arrives at the collection address or office and finishes on the return back to our office, except when hires are subject to a fixed charge, special rate or contract. All hires are subject to a minimum charge of two hours.
Clients must provide full insurance cover for our chauffeurs driving their vehicles. MarbleArch Chauffeur Services have a public liability insurance policy, which covers all the services it offers.
VAT and Amendments:
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. MarbleArch Chauffeur Services reserve the right to cancel or amend its terms of conditions at anytime. Notification will be sent to all clients before any amendments are agreed upon and implemented to an account.
We do not accept responsibility for:
Bodily injury or death or sickness to the signatory of the contract or any other person except where such death or injury is caused directly by a member of MarbleArch Services. We are insured for passenger travel. This insurance is for public liability and NOT independent travel insurance.
We do not accept responsibility or liability for:
Any theft or damage to properties of the signatory of the contract or any other person travelling within the contract, except where such theft or damage is caused by a direct action of the employees of MarbleArch Chauffeur Services, acts of god or conflict of war or force majeure.










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